HV Works

SDC Industries offer a range of high voltage solutions for clients who require new or additional electrical infrastructure equipment, installed with safety and security in mind.

We provide a range of HV equipment for internal or external installation, including :

  • HV Power Factor Correction

  • HV Transformers

  • HV Cabling Installations

  • HV Maintenance

The company can offer a versatile resolution to cover most eventualities – for clients who may be relocating to new premises, or expanding their capabilities on site, SDC Industries have the in-house expertise to offer a safe and protective product to suit your needs.

HV Distribution Transformers – Tier 1 & Tier 2

SDC Industries supply and install a range of Tier 1 Transformers, which have been designed to suit present European Commission guidelines.

  • Liquid-filled Distribution Transformers (three-phrase, up to 3,150KVA)

  • Mast-Mounted Transformers (from 25-315KVA)

  • Cast-Resin Transformers (up to 3,150KVA)

As of July 2015, the Ecodesign Directive (No. 548/2014 from the commission for implementing the Ecodesign Guideline 2009/125/EG) from the European Commission took effect for design of Distribution and Power Transformer (Tier 1).  An additional stage, which will introduce tighter minimum standards (Tier 2) will come into effect in 2021.

The Ecodesign Guideline has been set to ensure energy consumption-relevant products are designed in such a way that the end product is environmentally-friendly.  Objectives include improved energy efficiency and a general environmental compatibility, resulting in overall reduction of CO2 emissions.

The new Tier 2 objective to be introduced in 2021 should affect an increase in the degree of effectiveness by 20%.


LV/HV Cabling Installations and In-Line Jointing

SDC Industries employ experienced and certified cable jointers as part of our in-house team to enable refurbishment of existing cable, or the laying/installation of brand new cable.

Our skilled cabling professionals can connect new supplies either internally or externally, and can run any length of cable between the HV and LV supplies to your site.

In the event that your need to involve your District Network Operator (DNO) (e.g. for transformer works), SDC Industries can arrange this as part of your cabling project.

Our team are qualified to work on XLPE, EPR and PILC cables up to 33KV.

HV Switching

HV Switching can be organised for clients who wish to perform safe works on their electrical system which cannot be performed “live”, for example, retrofitting of new equipment, annual maintenance of their existing equipment, or removal of old cabling.

SDC Industries will write a switching programme, where required, and our authorised HV switching operative will arrange switch-off to make safe/prove dead the HV system, allowing site electrical personnel to perform the works to be carried out.  An isolation certificate will be issued and once all works are complete, the system will be safely re-energised by the same authorised person, allowing a seamless transition throughout.

These works are conducted with minimal disruption to the client.


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