Reactive Compensation For Windfarm Applications

SDC Industries design, manufacture and install a full range of REACTIVE COMPENSATION equipment for windfarm applications.

Compliance with the Grid Code is paramount when involved in the electrical distribution of windfarms. The solutions manufactured by SDC Industries allow sites to comply with the relevant sections of the UK & Eire Grid Code.

Our REACTIVE COMPENSATION product range is suitable for indoor/outdoor locations, and includes:

  • Statcoms

  • Static Var Compensators

  • Static Capacitor Banks

  • Reactors

  • REACTIVE COMPENSATION solutions manufactured by SDC Industries are typically 1Mvar100Mvar, and can be designed for voltages of up to 33KV. Each unit has a lifespan in excess of 20 years.

To compliment our Reactive Compensation product portfolio, we offer:

  • Engineering Consultancy

  • Extensive technical experience

  • Power Systems Analysis/System Modelling

  • Physical layout drawings designed to client-specific planning considerations

  • Power Factor Correction

  • Harmonic Filtration

  • Complete installation service