SDC Industries has over 40 years’ experience in the design and manufacture of power quality and energy efficiency products for commercial and industrial customers. We understand the increasing importance placed on both protecting information technology systems and power quality.

The SDC Industries Varmatic Viking is the ultimate in surge protection devices. Designed and developed by our team of highly experienced engineers, the Varmatic Viking protects your electrical and electronic equipment from everyday power surges and power spikes.

Power spikes are responsible for the single largest percentage of lost revenue due to system downtime

Power surges and spikes are one of the leading causes of equipment failure and system damage. Common causes of power surges can range from lightning strikes to switching of electrical loads. Whilst they often last a short time, the damage caused cannot be underestimated.

From the manifestation of an ageing component, to the sudden and complete destruction of an entire system, the results of a power surge or spike can be catastrophic. However, with a properly designed and installed surge protection system, even the most sensitive of electrical equipment will be protected.

The SDC Industries Varmatic Viking is a key step in improving your facility’s reliability, reducing downtime and protecting your equipment.


The Varmatic Viking, featuring the latest in industry approvals and safety ratings, comes in a wall-mountable enclosure containing:

  • An integral voltmeter

  • Protection fuses

  • Phase, neutral and earth terminals

  • Surge diverters

  • Smoothing capacitors

  • Line indication lamps

  • Control protection


  • Comprehensive power conditioning and enhancement

  • Surge and Spike Protection

  • Reduction in voltage fluctuations

  • Reduction of high frequency interference

  • Improvement in the effectiveness and efficiency of electrical power usage

  • Extends equipment life

  • Improves equipment function

  • Protects complete electrical supplies from the effects of spikes entering your premises


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